Swimming Tours to Mallorca

The BEST Centre is the perfect site for swimmers and Triathletes of all levels

From 1to1 sessions to Olympic team holding camps, we have everything you need to train and relax.

We would like to introduce you to our sports centre in Mallorca, Spain; BEST Centre We offer a wide range of activities from swimming and triathlon training camps to masters swimming clinics and summer sports programmes for children.. BEST Centre has hosted numerous national swimming team camps in preparation for World Championships and Olympic Games and is renowned throughout the world of swimming. It is also the official training centre of the DTU German Triathlon Federation.

“Fantastic, Super and wonderful. My daughter is already asking can we come back next year. Definitely worth every penny spent!” Wright family.

Another Family Swim Holiday summer has ended and we are already looking forward to 2020. We had some amazing times, created amazing memories and made friends that will last a lifetime.

This year saw some amazing biathlons, medicine ball throws, 100m challenge sets and perhaps the best year ever for parent’s biathlon participation! The Award Ceremonies and Talent Shows were the best we’ve ever had, while the level of table tennis in both swimmers and parents tournaments throughout the summer was incredible! The only thing that seems not to improve is the quality of jokes at the awards ceremony speeches.

As with every year, in summer 2020 we be running Family Swim Holidays in May/June and then from July all the way until the end of August.
In Summer 2020, we will also be running Family Triathlon Holidays in July and August.

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