Schools and Universities

We fully understand all the problems that a group leader encounters when planning a trip for a group or travelling party.

We are flexible enough to offer the type of tour that will suit all tastes, abilities and budgets, and will work with you to provide this common aim.

We aware that trying to get people to commit to a tour both in terms of dates of travel and financially within a specified time takes time and we will try and assist you as much as possible to achieve this.

We want you to relax as much as everyone else and not be stressed by meeting deadlines and accounting for every single little detail.

Please use our menu for our guide for locations you may like to go. Once you have decided, we can discuss your preferred itinerary and take it from there.

One great plus for the leader is that he / she gets a FREE place!


When catering for school groups, safety is our watchword. To this end, we are happy for parents and guardians to accompany our trips as well as teachers and our own staff. This is especially directed at primary school level. Please appreciate that this is with safety in mind which we value as much as the success and fun of your trip.

We are happy to liaise with your staff to achieve the best tours available from all angles. Although safety measures are in place, they are not there to spoil your enjoyment. We can offer you and your school trips to suit all ages, abilities, different sports and a wide choice of exciting destinations.

Our trips offer great value and wherever you may opt to go with us, you will receive a warm reception from the locals!

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