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Vidar Training camps Vidar is a great, quiet and excellent training location where rowers are being professionally trained in order to compete at the highest level. The rapid growth of Vidar made it possible to become a training location in Europe for international crews. Vidar in Brabant, near Tilburg in the South of Holland is indeed one of the best location for a training camp in the Netherlands.

During the last few years Vidar has acted as host for international parties from Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany and several groups from the UK.Vidar has now opened its doors to international crews. The track lies adjacent to our compound, therefore directly accessible from Vidar. Up to five boats can row alongside each other on our official 2 kilometre track. Our track includes 500 meter markers and a Finish tower. Furthermore, crews can row up to 15 kilometres without any interruptions. The great thing about our track is that it´s very calm, and there is hardly any commercial shipping.

Due to the cover of the trees, the wind barely affects the smoothness of the water.The new accommodation serves the purpose to facilitate international equips. A lot of rowers already visited Vidar for training camps and everyone is amazed by its size and its beautiful location. The new accommodation is key for rowers to perform well in training sessions. Between the training sessions, Vidar is also an excellent place to relax and recuperate.

80 minutes by car from Amsterdam ,Vidar is a broad, tranquil and easily accessible location for athletes looking for a perfect training location to prepare for regattas in Europe or for the Olympic games in Rio in 2016 . More advantages:The Bungalow Park (de Beekse Bergen) is just a five-minute walk from Vidar; Access to a well-equipped gym. Extra boat house for the storage of boats; Possible to rent boats, launches, bicycles etc; Cycling track alongside the whole canal; Rated with a B-status by the NOC-NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee.)

Our packages include accommodation on a full board basis in a luxury bungalow park situated right next to the rowing club and the lake. We can also provide return Airport transfers to and from Schiphol and Eindhoven as well as optional launch hire and boat rental.

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