Hello Nick,


I got to say thank you for all your help with the trip. Everything was fairly smooth. We had to get Nathan’s return flight secured because it had not been done from BA. Also, the surnames of Michelle and Nixon were not added to the booking, so that slowed us down. Other than that, the trip was absolutely fantastic. The location of the hotel was perfect and the scheduling of games and time off was done very well. If you played at night then the mornings were free and vice versa. The weather was warm and of course we took full advantage of the beach and pool. There was also another team from Enfield (women’s team), so we had some home support during the week. My guys went 4-1 in pool play and made the finals. We lost the game and there was some real bias from one young referee, but the organisers sorted him out after the game. Also, the top seeded team played one less game than we did, therefore we had to play the semi-final and final game 3 hours apart. The team was banged up and tired but they played hard despite of a very biased ref. None the less, I am very proud of my guys effort and I’m more proud of the many compliments from all the patrons and coaches regarding how well behaved my guys were throughout the tournament. Great success!


I decided to celebrate my independence day (JULY 4) at the water park. Absolutely awesome. The food buffet was superb every day. Way more than we could of imagined for a tournament. I will be returning to this tournament again in the future. Thanks again for all your help. Much appreciated




Corey Gaines

Basketball Head Coach

The Bridge Academy, Hackney

Laburnum Street


E2 8BA

Corey Gaine Bridge Academy visit to Costa Brava July 2017

A brilliant, memorable weekend! The netball was the tip of the ice-berg for us, the entire trip was brilliant – loved the villa, the town and of course very grateful for all the work that everyone put in to make the weekend such a success.

Matt, The Jamaicans Mixed Netball Squad

Nick, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a fantastic tour on behalf of the male and female football teams of 3 Medical Regiment. Your communication and commitment throughout was second to none, in terms of customer service I could not ask for anymore.

The guys and girls had a brilliant time and I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to go on a similar tour. You have clearly built up some excellent contacts with the clubs abroad and we were hosted superbly out there.

Ben, 3 Medical Regiment

Hola Nick, it was wonderful. Our guide Arturo was amazing. We played very well and got to the semi finals. When I am ready with pictures I will send you them. You can use everything. Thank you for everything, it was all perfect . Look at the newspaper in our city Carmiel. From the matches I will send you more pictures soon. Gracias amigo. Everything was good, perfect.

Satisfied customer

Hi Nick, We had a excellent camp. Thanks for all of your help and advice setting it up. Vidar had really good facilities and the water was (as promised) flat every every session. The jungalows were also really good and added a fun element to the trip. We were able to do a good mix of distance sessions on the canal (which is perfect practice for steering on the Henley straight!) and sprint work on the 2k stretch. There were lots of other clubs there when we left so they must be doing something right!

Satisfied customer