Cycling Holidays in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Cycling at Playitas, Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands, Spain. An island to enjoy by bike

PLAYITAS RESORT The resort is located in the south-east of Fuerteventura in a picturesque bay and directly at a dark natural beach. The fisher village Las Playitas can be reached in a few minutes by walking. The next biggest village is Gran Tarajal with different shops, restaurants and bus connections. It is about 5km away. The extensive resort consists of the following parts: Playitas Hotel, Playitas Aparthotel and the Playitas Villas and offers a huge variety of sports activities. Playitas Resort is the perfect choice for active holidaymakers, athletes and anyone who wants to enjoy vacations!

Fuerteventura is an undiscovered gem for road cyclists. Good quality road surfaces and generally little traffic provide an almost perfect recipe for the ideal ride – regardless of how far or how hard you want to make it.The routes range from 2 up to 6 hours with distances between 50 and 160 kms. Altitude distance can be 600 – 1600 metres and the year round temperature is between 18 and 25*C.

Mountain bike tours – the points of interest on the island (the volcanic region in the interior, the dunes to the north and South, the mountain ranges of the Central West coast etc) make for sensational bike tours that offer everything one could ask for in a biking holiday.

Road bike tours There is very litle traffic on most roads and the highway system is considered to be the most extensive in the Canaries. None of the tours involves complex navigation through towns. Roads are numbered and posted with km markers and intersections have clear directional signs. The main advantages of training in Fuerteventura include the ideal cycling conditions due to the minimal traffic and well kept roads.

Bike centre. The modernbike centre at Playitas Resort has more than 200 top brand bikes and the latest models on the market in a range of sizes so you don’t need to travel with your bike. Cycle lane. A cycle lane of almost 4 km starts right from Playitas Resort. Riding on the road is not permitted in this section. The cycle lane’s often used by runners, so please take extreme care and of course ALWAYS wear a helmet.

Group rides. Group rides are organised from Playitas Resort every week. Our bike centre staff will be delighted to give you advice about rides and tell you about their own experience in Fuerteventura. Parking – You’ll find plenty of bike stands around Playitas so you can park your bike without blocking the way for other guests. Whenever possible, please use the bike stands to avoid damage to walls or bikes.

Respecting cyclists. As a driver, remember that motor vehicles must always keep distance of at least 1.5 metres from cyclists. As a cyclist, you must follow road signs and always wear a helmet. Take your phone with you and make sure it’s charged. Your bike in good hands. At the bike centre, our mechanics pamper our bikes and keep them in perfect condition. The bike mechanics are there to help, so if you have any technical trouble, don’t hesitate to ask them for assistance. Playitas Resort provides a mechanic service for guests’ bikes. Check the prices for this service at the bike centre.

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